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Hi there!

I'm Rumplepusscat, and I'm a Stage Manager with a passion for digital live events, as well as live theatre. With many events turning to digital alternatives due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19, this is an area I am particularly interested in exploring further.

This website highlights exclusively my digital projects under my online gaming alias of "Rumplepusscat" (a reference to the musical "Cats"!); please contact me directly if you are interested in learning more about my in-person projects.

I have experience working with many pieces of industry-standard software, such as the Adobe CC Suite (including Premiere Pro, After Effects & Photoshop), OBS, NDI Studio and Resolume Studio. I also have knowledge of various pieces of media-related hardware, including various analogue and digital sound desks, the Elgato Stream Deck and various cameras/equipment.

I am currently looking to expand my experience working on digital live events, including within Minecraft and other video games, from a Stage/Production Management and show-calling capacity. I can assist with event planning, logistics and execution, as well as the delivery and coordination of live events such as livestreams.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss any of the below further.


Noxsquad Gameshow

Live Producer & Showcaller
RASA Studios (April 2021-present)

Watch this space!

Crab Cove Carnival

RASA Studios (April-June 2021)

As part of Minecraft's Summer Celebration event, Crab Cove Carnival was commissioned by Microsoft to be released for free on the Minecraft Marketplace by RASA Studios. The map features 4 headline games, 7 smaller minigames, unlockable gifts & gizmos, and an open world to explore within the Crab Cove!

For this project, I was involved in the creation of digital assets for the map. This involved 3D Models to be used in both minigames and in the open world aspect of the map, as well as 2D textures. I also assisted in the creation of the RASA Studios trailer for the map.

RASA Studios

April 2021-present

I have recently joined the team at RASA Studios, a company specialising in Minecraft productions and builds, as part of their production team. I have also been working with their art department recently to create 3D models and other digital assets for an upcoming project, and I am looking forward to be working on future shows of the Noxsquad Gameshow in the near future. Watch this space!

Cubed! Convention

Senior Moderator
June 2018-present

Over the past few years, I have been involved with the Cubed! convention, starting as an exhibitor and then joining the staff team as a Moderator. Following the 2020 event, I have now taken up a role as a Senior Moderator ahead of the 2021 convention and future projects outside of the main event. In addition to moderation and promoting community interaction, I have been involved in the production of both the opening and promotional videos for Cubed! 2019 & 2020. As part of the 2020 event, I also took part in a charity special of the Noxsquad Gameshow hosted by RASA Studios as a contestant on the staff team.

Minigame Night

Production Manager & Host
BroCraft Gaming (June 2018- March 2019)

In the format of monthly livestreams, the BroCraft Gaming Minigame Night (MGN) was an evening of collaborative minigames and fun competition within the BroCraft community. As a marketing tool to promote our own minigames, this event hosted a number of feature launches for our server, often accompanied by supplementary promotional videos. I hosted a number of these events, which involved live commentary and discussion with both special guests and the audience, as well as managing scoring and other elements of the show in real time. Ultimately, repeated scheduling issues led to the decline of MGN; however, they were integral in forming and developing the skills of both myself and my peers in live events, and great fun to be a part of too.

Minecraft-Controlled Christmas Tree

Contributor & Representative for BroCraft Gaming
BroCraft Gaming (July-December 2018)

In collaboration with Dlljs & TLCB, BroCraft Gaming hosted the Minecraft-Controlled Christmas Tree for its 2018 season. This project's aim was to blur the lines between the virtual and the physical in a festive manner, with a real-life Christmas tree being able to be controlled and manipulated by players inside of Minecraft. A live stream of this tree was then visible online, to observe these effects in real-time. While not directly responsible for the code of the tree, I was heavily involved in the design and realisation of the project, including with marketing. The project culminated in a release in the December 2018 Minigame Night (see above), and was featured in a number of online and print publications, including the official Rasberry Pi magazine.


Feel free to get in touch with me via Social Media if you'd like to discuss a project, ask me about one of my previous projects, or just chat!
You can also contact me directly.